Program Overview

Honors Cottage at the Grant Campus

The Honors Program offers interdisciplinary learning opportunities for academically talented and highly motivated students. It is grounded in the traditions of the liberal arts and stresses the connections among various disciplines and the tools of artistic and intellectual creativity.

To apply, submit the following:

  1. An Honors Program application, which is separate from and in addition to the application for admission to the college. To request an Honors Program application please call:
    • Ammerman Campus, 631-451-4778
    • Eastern Campus, 631-548-2559
    • Grant Campus, 631-851-6833
    or download the application.
  2. A letter of recommendation from a person familiar with the applicant's academic performance or potential. In particular the letter should address the candidate's verbal skills, intellectual ability, and academic motivation.
  3. A 500-word essay written in connection with a course or especially for the purpose of the honors application. The essay should demonstrate the applicant's writing proficiency and ability to present substantive material in a logical and coherent manner.
  4. For high school applicants, a copy of the student's high school and any previous college transcript(s) and ACT or SAT scores.
  5. New and continuing students may apply for admission to the Honors Program. Part-time and full-time students in all curricula are welcome to apply.

Minimum Requirements:

For entering students
  • B+ average in high school:
  • Verbal and mathematics composite SAT score of 1180 or ACT Score of 24

    For students already enrolled at SCCC:
  • 3.3 cumulative grade point average                    
  • In all instances, alternative evidence of academic talent
    may also be considered.

    Ammerman - Eastern - Grant

    The Honors Program is an enrichment program for academically talented and highly motivated students designed to augment and complement a student's program of study. Eligibility requirements and application procedures are outlined under Special Academic Programs/Honors in the College Catalog.

    Diploma Sequence

    Qualified students may enroll in the Honors Program Diploma Sequence while engaged in a curriculum of their choice. A minimum of 22 credits distributed throughout the social sciences, humanities, mathematics and sciences satisfies the diverse requirements for this sequence. Honors-enhanced course requirements are most often met by substituting honors-level sections for regular courses or by completing an individualized contract. Graduates who complete the Honors Program Diploma Sequence will have that distinction noted on their official academic transcript and on their diploma.

    Recognition Sequence

    Alternatively, qualified students may enroll in the Honors Program Recognition Sequence as part of their chosen curriculum. The Recognition Sequence is accomplished by successfully completing a minimum of twelve credits of honors courses. Graduates who complete the Honors Program Recognition Sequence will have that distinction noted on their official academic transcript and on their diploma.

    Individual Honors Courses

    Individual honors courses are open to qualified students on a space-available basis. Interested students should contact their campus Honors Coordinator for specific classes.

    Graduation Requirements

    Students enrolled in the Honors Program must maintain a grade point average of at least 3.3 each semester. If a student receives a grade lower than B in an honors course, his/her participation in the Honors Program is subject to review. Students must maintain a 3.3 GPA to graduate from the Honors Program.