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Welcome to SCCCs Online Learning Information Page

These pages include information for prospective Students, Faculty and Staff on: What online learning is; the modalities we present courses and the administration of the department.  Current Students, Faculty and Staff can receive detailed information by accessing our tab on MySCCC, the College portal.

What is Online Learning?

Online education is defined by Suffolk County Community College in its broadest context to be inclusive of those teaching/learning methodologies and strategies that are computer-based or technology-mediated. The basic premise of online education is to allow students to participate in the learning process from a distant location and not necessarily in real time. Synchronous Online education courses are, in fact, conducted in real-time and at more than one campus location. Asynchronous courses are those in which the course content, assignments and all student/student or student/faculty interactions are conducted online via computer over the Internet. Blended/Hybrid courses meet both on-campus and online during the semester. Online learning courses, then, are intended for students who may find that online modalities of education suit their learning needs or lifestyles better than traditional on-campus instruction.


Online Education courses are attractive options for individuals who are self-motivated and can work independently in a less structured learning environment. Online Education courses are fully credited college courses. There is no difference in what you are expected to learn. It is the way you learn that is different.

Who should enroll?

As with any college course, you should enroll in Online education courses only if you are serious about studying college-level material each week without leaving your home to come to campus. When taking an online course, for example, you are required to view all of the lessons, complete all assignments (e.g., essay exams, research papers, etc.) and read all printed material. Many students report that Online education courses actually require more work than traditional on-campus courses. These same students also report that they learn just as much, if not more, from a Online education course.

Those who succeed as Online learners
• are highly motivated
• are independent
• are active learners
• have good organizational and time management skills
• have the discipline to study without external reminders
• can adapt to new learning environments


The above are the qualities needed to succeed in any learning  environment, but the Online learning context puts special pressures on learners to be both independent and self-disciplined.  Success in fully online asynchronous courses, as example, depends on a combination of personal motivation, the ability to understand and use computer technology, self-direction in managing coursework deadlines, and a willingness to use solely the written word to communicate with both the instructor and classmates.