Students with Disabilities

  1. Apply for admission – Admissions Office
    1. submit an admissions application (online, in person, or by mail)
    2. upon acceptance, complete the disability services request card
  2. Apply for financial aid – Financial Aid Office
    1. learn about the various financial aid programs; consult a financial aid counselor as needed
    2. apply online or by mail
  3. Document your disability – Disability Services Counselor
    1. submit documentation of your disability
    2. complete the Documentation Release Form
    3. request special testing conditions as needed
      (e.g., reader, extended time, writer, etc.)
  4. Take the Computerized Placement Test – CPT
  5. Satisfy immunization requirements – Health Services Office
    1. complete Health History Form
      (Note: be sure to indicate any special medical needs.)
  6. Finalize preparations for the first semester – Disability Services Counselor
    1. prepare your class schedule
    2. discuss and finalize your accommodations and services
    3. sign release form so that faculty can be properly notified
  7. Register for classes – Registrar's Office
  8. Pay your bill – Cashier's Office
    1. pay in person or by mail
      (Note: students sponsored by an outside agency [e.g., Office of Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities, Commission for the Blind and Visually Handicapped] should contact their counselor for tuition vouchers.)
  9. Attend new student orientation – Office of Campus Activities