Students who plan to attend Suffolk County Community College while receiving any type of Veterans Education Benefits should follow the steps outlined below.

  1. As part of the admissions process, veterans should submit a copy of DD Form 214 to the Central Admissions Office. Your original DD Form 214 can be recorded for safekeeping at the County Clerk's Office in Riverhead, NY. (note that you may request a certified copy of your DD Form 214 at any time). You may also contact the Veterans Service Agency, H. Lee Dennison Building, Veterans Memorial Hwy, Hauppauge, NY, phone (631) 853-8387, if you need a certified replacement of your DD Form 214.

After you have submitted your DD Form 214 to the Central Admissions Office, you will receive a transfer evaluation of your prior military training and/or education which will determine if you are eligible for college credits according to the ACE Guide to the Evaluation of Experiences in the Armed Services. Call (631) 451-4035 for additional information.

  1. Once you have applied for admission to SCCC, you should then file the appropriate Application for Education Benefits Form (as indicated below) with the VONAPP.
  1. In addition to submitting your Application for Veterans Benefits Form, you will also need to submit a Veteran Student Status Form to your campus Registrar's Office every semester upon registration so that the VA can process your payments. Please bring this form in person to your campus Registrar's Office.

Once you receive your bill for tuition and fees for the semester, you may request a payment deferral (if needed) by paying the cost of 3 credits, with the balance due by mid-semester.

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Related Information

Veterans may apply for financial assistance through the campus Financial Aid Office in addition to receiving Veterans Education Benefits.

Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress each semester in order to remain eligible for payments. The VA will not pay for:

  • courses you audit
  • courses for which you receive a W grade
  • courses you repeat if you have already received a passing grade (i.e., A, B, C or D) in that course [however, you may repeat a course previously failed]
  • courses that are not a part of your degree requirements

Appeals may be made if documentation can support the occurrence of special circumstances.

Changes in your student status, (i.e., number of dependents, change in name or address, change in credit load, etc.) should be immediately reported to the campus Registrar's Office using Form 21-4138.

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If you have additional questions about your Veterans Education Benefits, you may call the VA toll free number at (888) 442-4551. For information about all other Veterans Benefits (e.g., insurance, medical benefits, etc.), call the Suffolk County Veterans Service Agency Office (located in Hauppauge) at (631) 853-8387 or visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Web site.

Send your VA correspondence to:

Department of Veterans Affairs
New York Regional Office
PO Box 4616
Buffalo, NY 14240-4616