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Information Technology Services reports to the Vice President for Information Technology Services/CIO.   Its Mission, Program Goals and Outcomes are available for review.  The office is divided among several groups as follows:

The Office of the Vice President for Information Technology Services/CIO

This office provides computing, telecommunications, and information technology planning in conjunction with the College Computing Council, and directs and coordinates the efforts of the other offices, departments, and groups that make up ITS.

Enterprise Applications

This service group is responsible for supporting the College's Banner system, along with other college-wide, enterprise-level applications.

Infrastructure Office

This service group is responsible for the technical management of the college's phone systems, network infrastructure and Data Centers. Included in these are the phone servers, individual campus communications wiring plants, inter-campus lines, and the equipment systems within the Data Center.

Office of Information Security

This office manages the College's Information Security Program.  It works with College leadership developing policy and implementing best security practices. 

IT Project Management Office

This office coordinates and manages all large ITS projects, from initiation, planning, and deployment to closure, and is responsible for project intake and management of priorities within the guidelines established by the College. 

ITS Project Management Office
Riverhead Bldg., R320, 451-4205

IT Operations Office

This office handles IT policies, IT budgets, continuity of IT operations, management of IT contracts, oversight of IT communications, training, and Help Desk.

Desktop Maintenance and Repair Services

This service group handles the maintenance, repair, and installation of desktop computers, printers and terminals, and the connection of these devices to the college's network infrastructure.

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Office of Information Technology Services
Riverhead Bldg., R320, 451-4205

Enterprise Applications
Riverhead Bldg., R102

Infrastructure Office
Riverhead Bldg., R101

IT Project Management
Riverhead Bldg., R320, 451-4205

IT Operations
Riverhead Bldg., R320, 451-4205

Desktop Services
Riverhead Bldg., R101

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