Other Health Links


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    Mental Health

    NYS Office of Mental Health

    Provides mental health information and resources.

    Response of Suffolk County

    Provides information about the crisis intervention and suicide prevention hotline.

    Renfrew Center

    Provides information and resources for eating disorders and other mental health issues.

    Food & Fitness

    Shape Up America Provides information and interactive tools for weight management, healthy eating and physical fitness.
    American Dietetic Association Provides information and resources for healthy nutrition and weight management
    United States Department of Agriculture (ChooseMyPlate.gov) Assists with dietary guidelines and health eating plans.

    Drug and Alcohol

    Alcoholics Anonymous Presents information about alcoholism and their recovery program.
    Suffolk County Prevention Resource Center Provides comprehensive information about substance abuse, including recent research, conferences, treatment facilities, and discussion groups.
    National Institute on Drug Abuse Provides information on club drugs and offers resources to combat the use of drugs.
    Partnership for a Drug Free America Presents information and resources about drug abuse, prevention, and treatment.


    American Cancer Society Provides general information regarding all types of cancer.
    National Cancer Institute Provides information about cancer and current research being conducted.

    Miscellaneous Organizations

    The American Heart Association Presents a wide array of information, resources, and programs advocating the prevention of heart disease and strokes.
    American Diabetes Association Provides an array of information, news, programs, and research related to diabetes.
    National Headache Foundation Offers information on headache conditions and treatments, support groups, and research.
    Planned Parenthood Provides reproductive health and sexual health information, resources, and referrals for both women and men.