Academic Assessment at Suffolk County Community College

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Welcome to Suffolk County Community College’s Academic Assessment site. Academic assessment is the gathering of information necessary to ensure that the College is able to effectively plan and to evaluate its overall effectiveness in achieving its mission of student learning.

Central to academic assessment is the review and analysis of what students have learned. Using a variety of assessment tools and measures, including the achievement of program-level and student learning outcomes, Suffolk’s faculty engage in thoughtful and useful academic assessment initiatives. The careful collection of data and systematic analysis of assessment results provide guidelines for faculty and administrators to make adjustments and improvement in curriculum, teaching methods, and instructional activities.

It is important to note the terms assessment and evaluation refer to two contrasting methodologies. Evaluation focuses on determining the success of programs or courses, and is designed to judge and document the effectiveness of programs and/or courses. In contrast, assessments are designed to measure the performance of students in relation to a particular learning outcome. The assessment is then used to provide documentation of growth and development, give feedback, and create a plan of action for the future. Unlike evaluations, assessments are not designed to be judgmental, but simply informative.    
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