MySCCC Portal FAQs

Faculty, Staff and Administrators

MySCCC is the College's universal portal, providing access to information and services for all your roles at Suffolk. It also provides you a single sign on to services available through the old Faculty/Staff portal.


MySCCC is your location to receive important announcements; access your e-mail and other SCCC Live@edu services; access information such as your schedule, grades, course descriptions, holds and degree status; and perform many interactive functions, such as registration, transcript ordering, changing your information and performing degree audits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  The "new" MySCCC is the college's new student portal. For the Fall of 2008 Semester, all functions previously accessed through the "old" MySCCC portal will be available through the new portal.
  New MySCCC
  MySCCC operates 24 hours by 7 days. Individual services within MySCCC may be occasionally unavailable for short periods of time between midnight and 7:00 a.m. for maintenance and upgrades.

NOTE: During the bill payment & descheduling periods, MySCCC will close WebPay and Registration at 10 p.m. each evening.
  You can use the interactive help reached by the link below.
  Student Login Interactive Help
  You must sign up for a new account.
On the college's home page, or any other page with the MySCCC Lighthouse icon click on that icon. This will open the Banner Student Portal login page "Welcome to my SCCC."

Click the link under "How do I get a username and password." or click here. This will bring you to the "Create New Portal Account Page," where you will enter the 8-digit Student ID number you received by mail with your acceptance letter and your date of birth in the format MM/DD/YYYY. Include the slashes.
  Banner Portal Login Page
  The Course Catalog Search page searches both by old and new course numbers and returns descriptions that show both.
  Course Catalog Search
  This problem should be fixed as of April 28, 2008 for most users. In case you are still getting it, see the explanation below.

Internet Explorer version 7 ("IE 7") shows a "Security Error" when accessing the new MySCCC because certain information IE 7 is looking for is not found. We expect this to be updated in the future. In the meantime, in order to access the new MySCCC using IE 7, select the option "allow the connection -- not recommended" on the Security Window that opens when you enter the new MySCCC.
  It is scheduled to be discontinued by August 2008. The sooner you accustom yourself to the new MySCCC, the easier it will be.
  The Banner Secure Login Channel may appear like a Web Advertisement to several browser plugins and security programs.

If you are having problems with the display or folder access in this channel, the best solution is to disable these applications for the MySCCC site. Most applications will allow you to selectively disable processing by URL so you should not need to disable processing for all sites.
  Link to Example Screen
  The browser "BACK" button should not be used when navigating from Banner Self Service pages in the new MySCCC. In certain situations, use of the back button will display a very detailed but not very useful (for Banner users) error page.

Instead, always use the "Back to [Faculty /or/ Student /or/ HR] Tab" on the left side of the header bar at the top of your screen.

Should you use the back button and be presented with an error page, use this same tab to return to MySCCC
  You may receive a "username password pair not found" error when you try to log onto the new MySCCC with your old MySCCC ID.

Your "old" student MySCCC ID and password will not work with the "new" MySCCC. The student and faculty/staff portals are no longer separate. Use your College ID and password for the "new" MySCCC.

However, you will not be able to do "single sign on" once inside of the new portal. If you click on the link to the old MySCCC on the Student tab of the new portal, you will need to login using your old MySCCC username and password for access. This is a temporary situation as the Old MySCCC will be discontinued in August.
  Currently, direct access to the new MySCCC portal requires an upgrade to the College's wireless network. However, MySCCC can be reached now by going through an intermediate site.

For Students: Enter "" in your browser or click on the Student Wireless link below. Log in using your portal username and password and then click the link to MySCCC.

For Faculty: Enter "" in your browser or click on the Faculty/Staff Wireless link below. Log in using your network username and password and then click the link to MySCCC (New Faculty Portal).

Please note: both sites above use private certificates and may present security warnings. This is normal. Simply select the choice to proceed to the site.
  Student Wireless
  Faculty/Staff Wireless