Applying for a student visa after being accepted and receiving I-20 Form:
  • Suffolk County Community College will send you both an acceptance letter and a SEVIS Form I-20, which is the certificate of eligibility form for the F-1 non immigrant student visa. As soon as you receive the SEVIS Form I-20 you must sign it in blue ink. SCCC completes this form attesting to the fact that you are prepared both academically and financially to attend Suffolk County Community College.
  • All F-1 non-immigrant visa applicants are subject to the SEVIS I-901 Fee prior to the non-immigrant F-1 visa interview at the embassy or consulate. The SEVIS I-901 Fee is 200.00 US dollars and must be paid and fully processed before the interview. A receipt that the SEVIS I-901 Fee was paid must be presented at the time of the interview. The fee can be paid by mail or on the internet. Please visit for more information regarding the SEVIS I-901 Fee.
  • First-time student visa applicants are required to have an in-person interview at United States embassy or consulate. Embassies and consulates vary on policies and procedures for student visa issuance. Applicants should contact the nearest United States embassy or consulate on specific application instructions.
  • When applying for a student visa at the United States embassy or consulate, you must bring your passport, valid for at least six months into the future, and documents showing that you have sufficient financial resources to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses for one full year of study at Suffolk County Community College. Bring with you transcripts and diplomas from previous institutions attended as well as TOEFL scores. If you have dependents, you should apply for F-1 and F-2 visas at the same time. However, if your spouse and/or children must apply at a later date, they should bring copies of your F-1 student visa, passport and other required documents. Please check with the embassy or consulate for any additional requirements prior to your interview.
  • After you apply for a visa, it may take as long as a month to six weeks to obtain it. It is therefore advisable to apply as early as possible. If you are granted a visa, you will then use your SEVIS Form I-20, the visa, and passport to enter the United States.

Please see the NAFSA website for important information for students applying for a nonimmigrant visa.