You must submit all application requirements as a packet. Please use the checklist and deadlines provided below to make sure the application is complete before mailing. Applications received after these dates will be considered for the subsequent semester.

Please mail the application packet to the following address:

Suffolk County Community College
International Student Counselor
533 College Road, Norman F. Lechtrecker Building L12
Selden, NY 11784-2899 USA


Admissions Application

Non-refundable Application Fee

Application for SEVIS Form I-20

Housing Sponsorship Form

Proof of Residency

Financial Sponsorship Form

Bank Statement

Proof of Income

Educational Credentials

English Proficiency

Attach a copy of a valid passport

Attach a copy of any dependent passport 

(If applicable)


Outside the U.S.

Fall Semester

Second Friday
in June

Spring Semester

Second Friday
in November

Within the U.S.

Fall Semester

Third Friday
in July

Spring Semester

Second Friday
in December