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Sustainability at Suffolk County Community College

An inclusive way, encompassing human and ecological health, social justice, secure livelihoods, and a better world for all generations.

Sustainability at Suffolk County Community College

Since its founding, Suffolk County Community College has always held a strong concern for the environment... Now, more so than ever. That's why, beginning in 2014, and under the leadership of Dr. McKay, we will begin examining everything that we do to ensure that our environment is better protected... and that a commitment to sustainable practices becomes a cornerstone of our institutional mission.

Sustainability at Suffolk County Community College Suffolk County Community College is examining everything that we do to ensure our environment is better protected.
Newly Proposed Stem Center Proposed Renewable Energy Stem Center located at the Michael J. Grant Campus.

The Seven Dimensions of Sustainability

Dimensions Indicators of Sustainability

Institutional Mission, Structure & Planning

Formal written statements of mission and purpose reflect a commitment to sustainability

Positions, committees, etc. exist which reinforce sustainability

Sustainability and environmental issues given broad visibility on campus

Faculty & Staff Development & Rewards

Hiring, tenure and promotion recognize faculty contributions to sustainability

Faculty and staff development opportunities enhance environmental awareness and sustainability

Student Opportunities

Orientation and opportunities for student action and involvement in sustainability initiatives

Exposure to environmental of sustainability-related careers


Courses with sustainability content in all departments

Sustainability part of traditional disciplinary education

Institution’s relationship to surrounding environment part of formal and informal education


Environmental and sustainable practices (such as energy conservation and waste reduction)

Operations integrated into education and research

Community Outreach & Service

Projects and programs support sustainable local communities

Partnerships for sustainability with K-12, business, government and other institutions at regional, national and international levels

Research & Scholarship

Research and scholarship on sustainability-related topics/issues

Interdisciplinary programs/structures for research and policy development