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Suffolk's Mallozzi is First Runner Up in National Lab Expo

Suffolk County Community College’s Lucia Mallozzi, of Ronkonkoma, was recently named first runner up in the Enabling Clean Energy Development poster category at the annual Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Intern Expo and Poster Session.

 Mallozzi went to INL as a Department of Energy Office of Science Community College Intern studying physical and geological sciences.  Her poster was “Quantifying Isobutene Leakage Rates from Binary Geothermal Power Plants.”

“We are proud of Lucia’s drive and achievement,” said Suffolk County Community College President Dr. Shaun L. McKay. McKay said that Suffolk is a STEM leader and major student pipeline to the nation’s national laboratories as well as preparing students with advanced skills for careers in STEM fields.

“Since 2004,” McKay said, “Suffolk County Community College has been one of the strongest pipelines of interns to Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) and second only to Stony Brook University in total number of participants in BNL research programs,” McKay said.

McKay added that the college’s  impressive and long standing record in achieving these research internships includes strong Ivy League competitors such as MIT, Yale, Cornell and others.

Among Suffolk students currently engaged in research internships, three have been asked to continue their paid research during the upcoming fall semester, fully supported by their scientist mentors. Suffolk’s strength in connecting students to real world experiential research opportunities highlights the vital role of community colleges, particularly Suffolk, as crucial entry points and valued partners within STEM education