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LI Labor Leader Appointed to Suffolk's Board of Trustees


Gemma de Leon Lopresti, at left, is sworn in as a Suffolk County Community College Trustee by Deputy Suffolk County Clerk Chris Cuomo and was welcomed by, photo right, at left, Theresa Sanders, chair of the board of trustees and at right, Suffolk County Community College President Dr. Shaun L. McKay.

An immigrant from the Philippines who came to the U.S. as a child, de Leon Lopresti worked her way through college and earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from St. John’s University. She became involved in RWDSU Local 1102, starting out as an office worker while still in school, and currently serves as Secretary-Treasurer of the New York local. De Leon Lopresti continues to serve as a Local 1102 union officer in addition to her role as Executive Vice President of the RWDSU.

Gemma de Leon Lopresti was appointed by the Suffolk County Legislature and replaces Anne Shybunko-Moore who earlier resigned.