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Holocaust Survivor and Subject of Award Winning Film Close to Evil at Suffolk for Screening and Discussion, Will be Joined by Film’s Director

Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental’s discovery that his former jailer Hilde Lisiewicz, a convicted war criminal, is alive and living in Hamburg is the subject of the 2013 Audience Award winning film Close to Evil  that will be screened at Suffolk County Community College on Thursday, October 29 and followed by a discussion and analysis led by the film’s subject, Tomi Reichental, and the film’s director, Gerry Gregg.

A question and answer period will be a part of the post film discussion.

The screening and presentation are sponsored by the Suffolk Center on the Holocaust, Diversity and Human Understanding and Suffolk County Community College Honors College.  
Admission is FREE. Tickets are not required.  All are welcome.

Close to Evil
Screening and Discussion
with Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental
and Close to Evil director, Gerry Gregg

Thursday, October 29, 2015
9:30 am to 12:15 pm

Suffolk County Community College
Shea Theater
Islip Arts Building
Ammerman Campus
533 College Rd.
Selden, NY


An RTE Radio interview marking Holocaust Memorial Day in January 2012 is the catalyst for a remarkable journey. Holocaust survivor Tomi discovers one of his former jailers - Hilde Lisiewicz is alive and living in Hamburg. Lisiewicz is a convicted War Criminal. She claims she is a victim of victor's justice. Tomi embarks on a quest to investigate the SS woman's claims of innocence.

Unexpectedly Tomi's odyssey ends where his story began, back in his native Merasice, meeting the ghosts from the past and embracing a German woman directly associated with the man who had a role in the liquidation of Tomi's family.