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Spreading Good Cheer is in The Cards For This Suffolk Student

Shark CardSpreading good cheer during the holiday season has taken on new meaning for Suffolk County Community College student Evan Feliciano, 21, of Hauppauge, who has created a unique way to pass forward the good tidings of the seasEvan Felicianoon all year round.

“I think it’s important to spread kindness and get a chain reaction going,” said Feliciano, who attends classes on the college’s Michael J. Grant Campus in Brentwood.

Feliciano created S.H.A.R.K! cards to help his mini on-campus movement that he hopes to spread to Suffolk’s two other campuses. The card’s name, a take-off on the College’s athletics teams’ name – is an acronym for “Students Here are Really Kind” -- and Feliciano passes them out when he sees students or campus visitors being nice to one another. Feliciano, in turn, encourages the card recipient to do likewise and pass the card along if the holder witnesses an act of kindness.

“So far, it has been received very well,” Feliciano said. “I hope I can spread it to our other campuses.”