DATE: June 20, 2017

TITLE: Student Employment / Events Coordinator - SCCC Association, Inc.

CAMPUS: College

START DATE: Fall 2017


The Student Employment/Events Coordinator position is a full-time position with the Suffolk Community College Association and, as such, the salary and benefits for the position are determined according to the Association salary and benefits package.


Job Description:

The Student Employment/Events Coordinator reports to the Director of Campus Activities and Student Leadership Development and is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Babylon Student Center.  The Coordinator selects, trains, and coordinates student managers, and student staff necessary to carry out operations.  The Coordinator is responsible for developing and implementing an ongoing marketing and promotion plan for the facility’s programs and services.


1.            Responsible for managing the reservation systems of the Babylon Student Center (BSC). Duties include, but are not limited to, submitting work orders to maintenance for each reservation, ensuring set-ups follow Fire Marshal’s codes, overseeing technical needs and designing set-ups for area events (e.g. transfer day, career day, activities days, etc.).


2.            Manages the daily operations of the Babylon Student Center, such as recommends and/or purchases necessary furniture and equipment for the facility. Creates and maintains inventory system for all College/Association equipment. Establishes security storage system for equipment. Maintains master key system for building. Develops and implements building attendance system, yearly building use reports, charts, etc.


3.            Oversees graphics and promotional operations, which includes inputting all Campus Activities programs on the Web page through 25 Live. Compiles, edits and oversees printing and distribution of needed publicity, including biweekly calendar of events for clubs, Campus Activities Board and office events. Compiles, edits and oversees printing of orientation material for folders. Maintains Campus Activities bulletin boards in the BSC and around campus.  Oversees display designs for glass showcases in foyer and hallways.


4.            Directs the student employment program for the BSC, which includes but is not limited to, coordinating the hiring, training and scheduling of students; Building/Info Booth, Game Room and Quiet Lounge attendants and poster distributors. Assists in the development of manuals and job descriptions for each position. Monitors work performance/develops performance records, and maintains all resources in the Information Booth.


5.            Assists in coordination of major events (e.g. Halloween Festival, Spring Celebration, Activities Days and Orientation).


6.            Serves on committees as assigned.


7.            Performs other duties as assigned by the Director of Campus Activities and Student Leadership Development.






A Bachelor’s Degree is required.  A minimum of three years of experience in facilities management is required. Demonstrated expertise in the appropriate facility management software, supervision, training programs and budget management is necessary. Proven success in working with students, faculty, and staff, as well as reasonable experience and demonstrated capability in working with diverse student populations are also necessary. The Coordinator is expected to operate autonomously and professionally in all areas of responsibility and to reflect the mission of the office and the College.


Candidates will have to follow these steps to apply: 

Step 1

Click on the following link:


Step 2

Select position #17-80 and read the description.


Step 3

Click Apply Online to submit resume and cover letter.


Salary and benefits for the position are determined according to the Association salary and benefits package.

APPLY TO: Suffolk County Community College is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer and educator. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, citizenship status, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran, marital or domestic victim status, or any other status that is prohibited by law. The College makes available to the general public information required by the Campus Security Act at the following web address:

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