In order to meet the directive from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to reduce workforce density, all campuses of Suffolk County Community College remain closed to all students and to the public. Please note that entry onto all campuses is restricted. College staff will continue to work remotely through April 5, 2020. We encourage you to contact the department or individual you wish to reach via email. Please visit the College Directory, accessible via the Quick Link menu on the College website homepage, in order to view College contact information. There may be a delay in our response time, but someone will get back to you. Students are reminded that Spring Break will end on March 29th and that remote instruction begins on Monday, March 30th. Please continue to check this website for updated information.
In most cases No. The partner colleges have set the minimum cumulative GPA of 3.75 for SoLII and 3.7 for the NYSPT scholarship. However, you should contact your campus SoLII/NYSPT scholarship representative, as occasionally certain partner colleges are willing to offer a scholarship to an outstanding student who does not quite make the GPA cutoff.
Maybe. While most of the full-tuition awards are made to spring graduates, a number of the colleges will make full-tuition awards to fall graduates who will matriculate in the spring. Check each college's partner page on our site for awards being offered. Currently, there are no scholarships offered to students graduating in the Winter or Summer. However, if you have graduated within the past academic year, you are welcome to apply for the fall or spring scholarships as long as you haven't attended any four-year school in the interim.
Yes. A part-time student at SCCC is eligible if he/she is planning to attend the partner college as a full-time student.
Maybe. If you are planning on taking all of your classes online or plan to enroll in an online curriculum, you are not eligible. Our partner colleges expect the scholarship recipients to be active students on campus. However, you may be able to take a class or two online, as long as the majority of your classes are on campus.
Depending on the college, the scholarships will last from two to three years. Check each college's partner page for the length of the award, minimum GPA, and any additional requirements that must be met for the award to be renewed.
No. The Stay on Long Island Initiative and the New York State Presidential Transfer scholarships reward the tenacity of degree completion and are awarded only to graduates of Suffolk County Community College.
No, You do not have to file a FAFSA in order to apply for the SoLII and/or NYSPT scholarships. However, certain partner schools require students to fill out a FAFSA for admission, or before being selected to receive the SoLII/NYSPT scholarship. Check each college's partner page for specific requirements.
International students who are eligible to apply for federal or state financial aid are welcome and encouraged to participate in the SoLII application process.
Your first letter must be from someone employed by Suffolk County Community College (preferably a professor). The second letter can come from anyone else: another professor, club advisor, internship supervisor, or supervisor/employer who can write about your accomplishments either inside or outside of the classroom.
Recommendations should be emailed to SoLII scholarship and/or NYSPT scholarship. If you are applying to both scholarships, your recommenders must send the letters to BOTH email addresses. Additionally, emails from SCCC employees must be emailed from their faculty email account to the SoLII and/or NYSPT scholarship email account(s). If you are requesting a recommendation from someone other than a SCCC employee, that person must email the recommendation from his or her official organization email account. Emails from yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc. will not be accepted. If your recommender does not have an official email address, please contact your SoLII/NYSPTS campus liaison for further directions.
Yes. However, only the first two letters received will be attached to your application. All subsequent letters will not be reviewed.
No. Your essay(s) on which college(s) you want to apply to will be used to rank your application for each specific college. If you are a finalist, your application will be formatted so that the partner colleges will not be sent essays about colleges other than their own.
Campus committees review all applications and send forward semi-finalists to the SCCC President. The president then selects three finalists for each award to send to the SoLII and NYSPTS partner colleges for final consideration.