Travel, Conferences, Mileage, Dependent and Faculty Course Reimbursement

Travel Policy:

Note: County Guidelines Apply, Except as Specific Exceptions Are Authorized

Follow county guidelines for faculty and Guild contractual reimbursement related to travel, except as otherwise authorized by the Faculty Association Agreement. Reimbursement must be claimed within the year in which reimbursement is requested. The county requires that general requests for mileage and travel, not related to conference reimbursement, be filed monthly, and does not reimburse claims filed more than three months after the completion of travel.

Contractual reimbursements allowed faculty and Guild members under their respective contracts do NOT apply to Exempt employees of the College.

Travel Vouchers:

The Faculty Association Contract which authorizes benefits described under the agreement with the County is available at:

Specifically, the Faculty Contract defines the terms and conditions for the authorization of contractual conferences, and as exceptions from county policy, authorizes reimbursement for overnight stays in Nassau County and New York City and does not restrict attendance to two or few individuals at a conference.

Quick Summary of Faculty Guidelines:

This document provides a succinct overview of the particular benefits available that can be reimbursed, notes which documents are required of all claims, and indicates the more particular requirements of specific types of claims:

Faculty Development and Training
Admission to Courses: Adjunct and Full-time Faculty
Reimbursement for Dependents
Reimbursement for Adjunct Professional Development
Reimbursement for (Contractual) Conferences

Link to - Quick Summary of Faculty Guidelines for Reimbursement

Also provided is a separate document that defines a dependent and, for non-full time dependents for whom reimbursement is sought, describes documentation needed to conform to dependent status requirements:

Link to - Submitting a Claim for Dependent Tuition Reimbursement

Quick Guide of Auditor's Review:

The college has assembled a quick guide to the key items the county auditor examines when reviewing travel vouchers. This is NOT a complete list, but it gives you a good notion of the level of detail required on submittals:

Link to - Quick Guide to Auditors Requirements

If you have specific questions on particular travel reimbursement issues, please send
email to: