Hegis Code: 5310

Curriculum Code: TETE-AAS

NOTE: This curriculum is restricted to qualified VERIZON employees. Consult with the department for more information.

     The Telecommunications Technology program is designed for students who wish to study for or enhance technical careers in the field of electronic telecommunications. Students are prepared for careers in industry or business to work as telecommunication technicians, or they may adapt their degree to transfer to baccalaureate degree programs.

     In this program, emphasis is placed on competency-based training, problem solving skills, applications and simulations to develop a multi-faceted industry-ready technician. Training is offered in voice and data telecommunications, linear and digital electronics, computer applications, supplemented with courses in English, mathematics, physics and social science. All technical courses are offered at the Ammerman Campus only.

     Students entering industry or business can find careers as electronic telecommunication technicians in the telephone, cable and broadcast communications field.
     Students planning to transfer to four-year colleges should consult with the department for their selection of courses. Typical programs to which the A.A.S. degree transfers include the Bachelor of Electrical Technology (B.E.T.) and the Bachelor of Telecommunication Technology.

Admission Procedures and Requirements

     This curriculum is offered as an eight-semester day sequence. Qualified employees are admitted based on the successful completion of the ASSET test administered through the campus Department of Engineering, Science and Technology.

FIRST YEAR / FALL: 7 credits Lec. Lab. Cr.
MAT112: Technical Mathematics I 4 - 4
TEL115: Computer Applications in Telecommunications 2 2 3
FIRST YEAR / SPRING: 7 credits Lec. Lab. Cr.
ENG101: Standard Freshman Composition 3 - 3
TEL112: Electrical Circuits 3 2 4
SECOND YEAR / FALL: 8 credits Lec. Lab. Cr.
MAT113: Technical Mathematics II 4 - 4
TEL222: Electronics I 3 2 4
SECOND YEAR / SPRING: 8 credits Lec. Lab. Cr.
TEL220: Telecommunications I: Voice 3 2 4
TEL224: Digital Electronics I 3 2 4
THIRD YEAR / FALL: 8 credits Lec. Lab. Cr.
PHY112: Technical Physics I 3 2 4
TEL232: Electronics II 3 2 4
THIRD YEAR / SPRING: 8 credits Lec. Lab. Cr.
TEL230: Telecommunications II: Data 3 2 4
TEL234: Digital Electronics II 3 2 4
FOURTH YEAR / FALL: 7 credits Lec. Lab. Cr.
ENG121: Technical Writing 3 - 3
TEL240: Telecommunications III: Local Area Networks 3 2 4
FOURTH YEAR / SPRING: 7 credits Lec. Lab. Cr.
Social Science Elective 3 - 3
TEL242: Telecommunications IV: Emerging Technologies 3 2 4
These courses constitute the major courses in this curriculum.

Telecommunications Technology 39 credits
Mathematics/Science 12 credits
English 6 credits
Social Science 3 credits