Program Learning Outcomes
Gainful Employment Disclosure
Hegis Code: 5209.20
Curriculum Code: NUPN-CERT

     The Practical Nursing certificate program is designed to prepare students for entry into practice, as well as provide opportunities for students seeking admission into Advanced Placement RN programs. Through an appropriate choice of prerequisite and elective courses, students may prepare for the Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree admission requirements. Upon award of the Practical Nursing certificate, graduates are qualified to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN)**.

The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) formally the National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission (NLNAC) has accredited the Practical Nurse Program. The Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) can be reached at 3343 Peachtree Road NE, suite 850, Atlanta, GA 30326; phone 404-975-5000, fax 404-975-5020. Web site at

Admission Procedures and Requirements

     Prospective practical nursing students are strongly advised to attend a Nursing Information Seminar. For further information contact the campus Admissions Office for dates and times. The practical nursing program is highly competitive. Meeting minimum criteria for admission does not guarantee acceptance to the program. The college reserves the right to make final decisions based upon the applicant pool each year.



Start Date



Maximum Time
to Complete
Requirements after
Starting Program

Eastern Part-time Day Program

Spring Semester

June 1

June 30

3 years


  • High School Diploma or High School Equivalency
  • High School Biology and Chemistry with Lab
  • 2 units of High School Math
  • College Placement Test (CPT) at MAT007 and ENG101 level

     A minimum grade of C must be earned for BIO105 or BIO130 and BIO132. For those students interested in pursuing the A.A.S. degree in Nursing, BIO130 and BIO132 are recommended.

     Applicants to the practical nursing program may submit one CLEP or similar standardized test score in fulfillment of the ENG101 and/or PSY101 prerequisites. The CLEP score will not be computed as part of the grade point average for purposes of admission decisions.

     For additional information about the Practical Nursing Program, contact the Admissions office at 451-4414.

General notes about the Practical Nursing Program:
  • Practical nursing(PNU) clinical courses require that students travel for clinical experiences throughout Suffolk County.
  • In addition to college health requirements, all nursing students must meet the health requirements of the School of Nursing, and clinical facilities which they will be attending. These health requirements include an annual physical examination on a College approved form, annual Tuberculin testing, Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella (IGG) titers indicating immunity, and any additional requirements of clinical agencies. Subsequent significant alteration in a student’s health status during the semester may disqualify participation in clinical activities and require additional health clearance. Students who do not comply with these health requirements will not be permitted in the clinical area and may possibly be unable to fulfill nursing course requirements.
  • Students are required to present proof of current American Heart Association BLS (Basic Life Support) for Healthcare Provider and CPR certification for adult, child, and infant by the first day of every clinical course. CPR online courses or certification from providers other than American Heart Association will not be accepted. Students who are not able to show proof of completion or whose CPR certification has lapsed will not be permitted in the clinical area and may possibly be unable to fulfill nursing course requirements.
  • All students accepted into the nursing program must submit to a background check through the designated company assigned by the College. The incurred cost is the student’s responsibility. Previous background certificates will not be accepted. Based on the results, a clinical site may possibly not allow a student's presence at the facility, resulting in an inability to successfully complete the requirements of the nursing program.
  • Additional expenses are required for nursing students including purchase of a uniform, stethoscope, watch, basic calculator, and a comprehensive assessment review program.
  • Students need to meet safety and technical standards for nursing practice. This information is available in the Admissions Office or in the Nursing Handbook located on the Nursing Department Home Web page.
  • All students are expected to have basic computer literacy to include functionality in email and basic internet search and navigation.
  • Students must achieve a minimum passing grade of C in each science course (BIO105, or BIO130 and BIO132) and all practical nursing courses(PNU) in order to progress to the next course in the sequence and to qualify for program completion.
  • Students who receive grades less than C in any nursing courses(PNU) will be dismissed from the program, and may reapply for admission for the subsequent application deadline period.
  • Students who fail in the clinical portion of a PNU course, will receive an F regardless of the time during the semester this failure occurs.
  • ** Determination of "good moral character" is a requirement for Practical Nurse Licensure, and eligibility to sit for the licensing examination is subject to New York State law regarding professional misconduct. Applicants for the nursing program who have been charged or convicted of a crime (felony or misdemeanor) in any state or country, or whose practice of nursing may be impaired by alcohol, drugs, physical or mental disability, must contact the State Education Department, Division of Professional Licensing Service. Although these applicants may take the licensing examination, they may or may not be issued a limited permit and /or practical nurse license, depending on the results of the investigation process.

FIRST SEMESTER: 10 credits Lec. CT* Lab. Cr.
BIO105:Survey of the Human Body 3 2 4
ENG101: Standard Freshman Composition 3 3
PSY101: Introduction to Psychology 3 3
SUMMER SESSION: 5 credits Lec. CT* Lab. Cr.
 Courses that constitute the major in this curriculum PNU116: Foundations for Success in Practical Nursing 3 3
 Courses that constitute the major in this curriculum PNU119: Pharmacology Safety and Dosage Calculations 2 2
SECOND SEMESTER: 11 credits Lec. CT* Lab. Cr.
* Courses that constitute the major in this curriculum PNU120: Fundamentals of Nursing for Practical Nurses 5 6 2 8
* Courses that constitute the major in this curriculum PNU128: Nursing Care of Adult Clients I 2 3 3
THIRD SEMESTER: 11 credits Lec. CT* Lab. Cr.
* Courses that constitute the major in this curriculum PNU133: Nursing Care of Adult Clients II 5 6 2 8
* Courses that constitute the major in this curriculum PNU135: Nursing Care of Maternal-Child Clients 2 3 3

*Clinical teaching
 These courses constitute the major in this
curriculum These courses constitute the major courses in this curriculum.

Nursing 27 credits
English 3 credits
Biology 4 credits
Social Science 3 credits