The location for the October 19, 2017 meeting of the College’s Board of Trustees has been changed to the new Learning Resource Center on the Michael J. Grant Campus and is scheduled to begin at 4 p.m.

Access, Information and Help

What is RedDot?

RedDot, now known as OpenText Web Site Management System, is Suffolk County Community College's web building and maintenance tool. The main college website is built and maintained with RedDot, and department web sites are gradually being incorporated into the newest RedDot templates.

Who Uses RedDot?

College Faculty, Administrators and Staff who are charged with building and maintaining various sections of the official SCCC web site.

My Department or Area Needs Web Pages in the College Site. What Is the Process?

The process for new sites or sites converted from the old environment to the new Mainsite Department pages is as follows:

  • A Department Head or other person designated to develop a set of publicly-facing web pages can request a site via email through Paul Matus;
  • Paul will need to know who will have permission to develop and place content on the site (authors) and who will approve the content for publication (editor);
  • He will discuss what you want your site to be like to aid him in the site's setup and provisioning;
  • The site will be setup in a staging environment while it is in development;
  • Arrange for Training.
  • Develop your site and upon completion, request a review by Drew Fawcett;
  • Upon approval by Drew, Paul moves the site to the live environment;
  • Once live, the site editor is responsible for keeping the site current and for all published content.

Who Has Access to RedDot and My RedDot Site?

Only those designated as Authors and Editors for your site in RedDot will have permissions to develop and maintain your group of web pages.

I Have RedDot Permissions. How Do I Log In?

Log in using the link below. Use your college ID and password as your credentials.

Click Here to login to RedDot