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How We See our World, Debunking Myths and Answering 'Are We Alone in This World?' Earth & Space Science Lecture Series Kicks Off March 28.


Suffolk County Community College’s Earth & Space Science lecture series kicks off on March 28 with talks by distinguished faculty about topics ranging from the existence of life elsewhere in the universe to debunking myths and using technology to remotely see not only our world, but worlds outside our reach.


Did you know that there is satellite data, publicly accessible, that can be used in agriculture, geology, biology and astronomy? 

 Suffolk Community College Observatory


Suffolk County Community College Professor of Geology Sean Tvelia will demonstrate how and where to get the data, as well as describe how remote sensing -- using technology such as satellites, equipment on airplanes, or even hand-held instruments to retrieve information about a material without physically touching it – is changing the way we see our world and allows us to study the worlds we may never see first-hand. Join Professor Tvelia on March 28 for Remote Sensing: See The Earth in a Different Light.


Mark Twain once said, “The trouble with the world is not that people know too little, it's that they know so many things that just aren't so.” Professor of Physical Sciences and Assistant Chair, Scott Mandia explains why a sizeable portion of Americans don’t accept that humans are causing global warming and discusses the best strategies for debunking many commonly-held myths in his lecture, “No Uncle Ted, You Are Wrong!” – Why Misinformation Exists & How to Properly Debunk Myths. Join Professor Mandia on April 11.



Are we alone in the universe? It’s something everyone wants to know. Never before in the course of human history have scientists been so close to answering this most fundamental question about our existence, according to Suffolk County Community College Associate Professor of Astronomy Matthew Pappas whose presentation Inevitable Discovery: The Scientific Search for Life Beyond Earth is the subject of his May 2 lecture. 

Earth & Space Science Lecture Series

  • March 28 - Remote Sensing: See The Earth in a Different Light
  • April 11 - “No Uncle Ted, You Are Wrong!” – Why Misinformation Exists & How to Properly Debunk Myths 
  • May 2 - Inevitable Discovery:The Scientific Search for Life Beyond Earth

All lectures will run from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. in room T-126 of the Smithtown Science Building on Suffolk County Community College’s Ammerman Campus in Selden.

For more information, please contact Professor Matthew Pappas at 631-451-4301.


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