SCCC Notice: For Monday, 02/08/2016, all day and evening classes and activities for all campuses are cancelled. All staff members essential to bringing the College back into full operation are expected to report to work. All non-essential employees must report to work or utilize accruals to take a day off with the approval of their supervisor/Campus Dean.

IT Help Center

Welcome to Suffolk County Community College's Help Center. This page is for the Faculty, Staff and Students of SCCC.

Office Move/Relocation Service -This includes moving computers,and/or phones. All moves MUST be approved by your academic chair and college associate dean.

Desktop Service Request Form - This form is to be used for all requests pertaining to College computer hardware and software maintenance/upgrades.

Network and Telecommunication Service Request Form - This form is to be used for any telephone service/upgrade requests and all requests pertaining to faculty, staff and educational College network connections.

Telephone Directory and Voicemail Updates - This form is to be used to update or change information that will be displayed on your phone extension and on your voicemail mailbox. The changes will be reflected in the SCCC Telephone Directory and the SCCC Online Directory.
*This form is not to be used to update Academic credentials for online directory. Those requests must go through Academic Affairs*

Email Configuration Instructions

These PDF documents contain the configuration information needed to access email from personal devices.