Public Safety FAQs

·         Do I need to register my vehicle with the college? All motor vehicles on campus, including motorcycles, must be registered with the college and have a valid permit displayed.

·         Does registration with the college cost money?  An annual fee will be charged to students.

·         How do I register my vehicle with the college? All administrators, Faculty, Staff, and Students can register their vehicle via the online registration process through their mysccc portal. Click on the parking permit link and follow the instructions.

·         When and where will my permit come? Once the registration process is complete, a permit will be mailed to the address you provide. Please note during busy registration periods the permit can take several weeks to arrive.

·         Can I register more than one vehicle? You can register more than one vehicle; however, you will only get 1 permit, which can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle.

·         What if I don’t have a car or drive to school? Students can opt out of registering a vehicle for a permit if they do not bring a car to school and park. Opt out forms are located at the business office.

·         What if I drive a different vehicle to school that isn’t registered? A temporary pass must be obtained from public safety.

·         Where do I put my permit? All permits are to be displayed in the front windshield on lower right passenger side.  Failure to display the permit properly may result in a summons being issued.

·          What is the speed limit on campus? The speed limit on all college campuses is 15 miles per hour.

·         Where can students park?  Students can park in any lot with white lines. Motor vehicles must be parked between the lines. Students are never allowed to park on the grass, sidewalks, or along any roadway, unless directed by public safety personnel. Be advised the following areas have restrictions: Red lined spots are for administrator, faculty & staff. The following exception applies: Open parking is available in lots that have signs indicating open parking 5:45pm-midnight. Students may park in these spots after 5:45pm. Blue lines are handicapped (must have official handicapped decal or plate issued by town or state). Yellow lines/ stripping indicate fire zones/ lanes: area’s within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. Each loading zone is a fire zone. No parking at any time is permitted.

·         What if my vehicle becomes disabled? If your vehicle becomes disabled, notify public safety immediately at Ammerman: 451-4242; Grant: 851-6700; Eastern: 548-3636. A disabled vehicle must be removed from campus within 24 hours or it will be considered abandoned.  If a vehicle is abandoned, it will be removed at the owner’s expense.

·         What are the fines for parking violations? Insert link to fines.

·         How do I appeal a parking summons? To appeal a ticket one must submit a Summons Appeal Violation form online. ? Insert link to appeal site/ information.  Follow the directions. ALL APPEALS MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE. Appeals MUST be submitted within 14 days of the date of the summons. Please note tickets will be posted online after 8 days of being issued. Appeals will not be accepted after 14 days.

·         How long will it take for my appeal to decided? The board will act on the appeal and the results of the appeal will be forwarded to you Suffolk Community College email address. No other notification concerning your appeal will be made. Should the appeal be denied, the summons should be paid within five (5) days of the appeal notice.

·         Can I appeal and appeal? Once a decision is made about an appeal the case will be closed. No additional appeal can be made.

·         Where do I pay my ticket? Ticket fines should be paid at the business office. The business office is located one each campus: Ammerman Campus - Ammerman building lower level; Grant Campus - Caumsett Hall room 113; Eastern campus - Peconic Building Room 216.